Boathouse Inauguration

Dear paddlers

After a long time of breathing behind masks, the time has finally come – we can inaugurate our new clubhouse in Lütisburg directly on the Thur in a larger group.

With sunny and summery temperatures, young and old meet on Sunday, 27.06.2021 to toast the happy moment. And it is wonderful to see how even our founding member Paul actively toasts to the joyful moment.

And after the first barbecue, it’s not the Covid that takes hold but rather the stubborn adventure fever. Wildly diced, we walk through the riverbed of the Gonzenbach to the first KCW clubhouse (more than 60 years ago).

This thirst for action is calmed down afterwards with coffee and cake, followed by a short film reviewing the last season.

We are ready for the next 60 years.

59th General Assembly (2021)

Due to the current pandemic regulations, this year’s general assembly will take place online on Friday 19th February 2021 starting 20:00h (CET).

The regular voting will only take place online during the general assembly. Therefore we ask all KCW members to log in during the general assembly to be able to vote actively. Therefore all members are asked to check this at least 24 hours in advance.

More details will be provided in a separate communication.

Happy Holidays

The KCW Board wishes club members and all canoeists around the globe a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and stay healthy.

Sofa Paddler

Are you sitting on the sofa in your Covid-free zone right now? Have you already warmed up your smartphone processor with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more?

Why not spend the time paddling virtually and enjoy YouTube training videos? Wonderful to refresh your paddling knowledge.