Flood training on the Thur

Since a few days it is raining regularly in the region and the Wednesday training (10 June 2020) is scheduled.

So why not enjoy the Thur with a little more water (>100m3)? That’s exactly what a few KCW guys thought. Water from above – luck from below.

Flood Moesa

A strong low-pressure system discharges over the weekend of 7 June 2020 over the Ticino and Grisons. The water levels of certain white water pearls are rising abruptly.

By chance a KCW’ler was on site to catch some impressions of the Moesa (approx. 250m3) and Calancasca (80m3) during extreme floods.

Have fun being amazed.

Our homepage is now bilingual

Since June 2020, our KCW homepage has been available mostly bilingually, in German and English.

To change the display language simply select the desired display language from the menu.

The dates and agenda are still only available in German. We are working on making them available in English.

KCW-Events In Covid-19 Times

Tours and trainings take place again with restrictions regarding group size and hygiene regulations.

Events and larger meetings are still suspended until June 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our club activities according to the guidelines and recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Stay healthy and mindful.