White Water Week 2020 – Impressions

Like every year in the last week of July 2020 KCW members and canoeing friends came together to enjoy the Inn white water.

This year the whitewater weeks were a very special occasion, as it was the first major gathering since the Covid eruption. This was definitely a reason to celebrate this evening with a cosy get-together. Therefore the photos are probably a bit less filled with water this year (it had less than usual) and more with some selected impressions.

But it’s best to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Kayakers take back their Isar

The current case of the Isar river in Munich shows how urban kayakers benefit from political support. This case could perhaps also arouse corresponding desire for multiple Swiss cities (e.g. Bremgarten, Thun, Baden, Zürich etc.).

Play boater on famous Isar wave

More to read in the current Süddeutsche Zeitung (only in German).

White water week coming up

On July 25th, it’s that time of year again. The KCW whitewater week takes place like every year. But in this case it is a very special occasion. This is the first KCW event after the Corona start. Everybody is mostly welcomed to enjoy this special time.

For more information check out the agenda (translation only in German available).

Flood training on the Thur

Since a few days it is raining regularly in the region and the Wednesday training (10 June 2020) is scheduled.

So why not enjoy the Thur with a little more water (>100m3)? That’s exactly what a few KCW guys thought. Water from above – luck from below.